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eav_nt64_plk.exe74551e89da8e241505a4ab5be75c0f64:Detailed Files Info


The module eav_nt64_plk.exe has been detected as Clean

Product Name:

ESET Security

Company Name:


MD5: 74551e89da8e241505a4ab5be75c0f64
Size: 101 MB
First Published: 2017-05-24 16:11:52 (a year ago)
Latest Published: 2017-05-24 16:11:52 (a year ago)
Status: Clean (on last analysis)
Analysis Date: 2017-05-24 16:11:52 (a year ago)
Signed By: ESET, spol. s r.o.
Status: Valid
Windows 8.1 100.0%
Subsystem: Windows GUI
PE Type: pe
OS Bitness: 64
Image Base: 0x0000000140000000
Entry Address: 0x0000852c

PE Sections:

Name Size of data MD5
.text 90624 b6fa2d9ce7e2ab001dd0345118beb708
.rdata 45056 887be107dd8a304588d5bfa224e6b02b
.data 8192 7b70fe0a4771f6a1b218fb72254f1fd7
.pdata 6144 ab28eddbd8e861463d887c375938b3d8
.rsrc 106608640 7b586b608b7afc71194dcd9ab18b8465
.reloc 2560 42727af6255e157b3217d0b21bfe1dc9

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