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Uninstall.exe113d0a407dcd0ffbb797559113e0f1f7:Detailed Files Info


Product Name:

WinZip Smart Monitor

Company Name:

Corel Corporation

MD5: 113d0a407dcd0ffbb797559113e0f1f7
Size: 220 KB
First Published: 2018-08-24 09:09:17 (4 years ago)
Latest Published: 2018-08-24 09:09:17 (4 years ago)
Status: Undefined (on last analysis)
Analysis Date: 2018-08-24 09:09:17 (4 years ago)
Signed By: WinZip Computing LLC
Status: Invalid (digital signature could be stolen or file could be patched)
Windows 7 100.0%
Subsystem: Windows GUI
PE Type: pe
OS Bitness: 32
Image Base: 0x00400000
Entry Address: 0x00003415

PE Sections:

Name Size of data MD5
.text 26624 cb807804553819b70f6e16b8a094d327
.rdata 6656 161b329b4c70ce4fbd9c1143e738896b
.data 512 140876ba314e7bc36379ee5c6db80876
.ndata 0 00000000000000000000000000000000
.rsrc 174080 39deb65155d3336fdd913093ed27f517

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