How to remove PCTUSchedule.exe

PCTUSchedule.exe Removal: How to Get Rid of PCTUSchedule.exe32aaa07cca267ab164666d5396deef0f


The module PCTUSchedule.exe has been detected as PUP.SystemOptimizer

Product Name:

PC Tune-Up Pro Schedule

Company Name:

Onesafe Software

MD5: 32aaa07cca267ab164666d5396deef0f
Size: 2 MB
First Published: 2018-04-23 22:03:31 (a month ago)
Latest Published: 2018-04-23 22:03:31 (a month ago)
Status: PUP.SystemOptimizer (on last analysis)
Analysis Date: 2018-04-23 22:03:31 (a month ago)
Signed By: NNJ Corporation
Status: Valid
Windows 7 100.0%
Subsystem: Windows GUI
PE Type: pe
OS Bitness: 32
Image Base: 0x00400000
Entry Address: 0x002485c4

PE Sections:

Name Size of data MD5
.text 2378240 cdf5a33ee1c5dccd4adf007365634f19
.itext 11776 663982358bf194c17d70e4746411cc18
.data 31744 19dcab6362bf89aa484fbd57ca7fa6e0
.bss 0 00000000000000000000000000000000
.idata 14336 1a8b1ba1886f965dde86e0e690558e7e
.didata 3072 00a8ad9c0c3c3a823c0434e803f92c97
.edata 512 361b1d1f98f49953bd563d789182e614
.tls 0 00000000000000000000000000000000
.rdata 512 ad836e1cdb64ac024943c0d994dface2
.reloc 230912 fa6e70039f8e10e6939c588ff5329375
.rsrc 380928 9f3c06fa620faf2d6cbd3cf0650e02f3

More information:

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