How to remove ~ct896B.tmp.dll


The module ~ct896B.tmp.dll has been detected as!ep-38

Md5: 39c1f0d4192f3354b7ed60c91ad7fcd1
Size: 1 MB
First published: 2016-12-29 17:10:19 (4 months ago)
Latest published: 2016-12-29 17:10:19 (4 months ago)
Subsystem: WINDOWS_GUI
PE type: pe
OS bitnes: 32
Compilation timestamp: None
Image Base: 0x10000000
Entry address: 0x000f5000

PE sections:

Name Size of data Md5
.text 635392 1e52a575a1a0ee6b375ddf1598ada549
.rdata 84480 f387a58f267da5798a35d989deb9b234
.data 18432 364b7b852e4f67eb4e6a5f4572565450
.rsrc 1536 1baacf8752122169d720c6e2cd09c896
.reloc 47616 b3aa17c7cbc1bc6a28cae8c64cfdcdae
.text 176640 f265a0ffc6ddcd89153a9b813465ef58
.text 176640 f265a0ffc6ddcd89153a9b813465ef58

More information:

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