How to remove setup.exe


The module setup.exe has been detected as Adware.BrowseFox.vl!c

Md5: 3c005bcd8ca7a48f160cd3f52ec10e15
Size: 292 KB
First published: 2016-12-29 17:10:34 (4 months ago)
Latest published: 2016-12-29 17:10:34 (4 months ago)
setup1.19.exe Adware.Downloader.dd!c
setup.exe Clear
setup.exe PUP.Ask.vl!c
Setup_DriverDoc_2016.exe PUP.Systweak.vl!c
prepreinstaller_win.exe Adware.Win32.Downloader.vb
setup.exe Trojan.Win64.Agent.vb
setup.exe PUP.Systweak.dd!c
buffalo_wzr-hp-g300nh-_-airstation@amp;trade Adware.Agent.vl!c
setup.exe Clear
EverestWrapper[1].exe PUP.Ask.vl!c
winiso.exe Adware.InstallCore.vl!c
setup.exe PUP.Gen.vl!c
setup (2).exe Clear
Signed by: Magic Walk
Subsystem: WINDOWS_GUI
PE type: pe
OS bitnes: 32
Compilation timestamp: None
Image Base: 0x00400000
Entry address: 0x000031e4

PE sections:

Name Size of data Md5
.text 23040 b074c22e53c7a06d77f261c746bce1e1
.rdata 5632 4384e87d270f67a95adfdc617124c353
.data 512 4b5f37ae062259375b0f6599a2284910
.ndata 0 00000000000000000000000000000000
.rsrc 3072 52ee6e3ed05d75634e1f62dfcd9804a1

More information:

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