How to remove d3dcompiler_47.dll


The module d3dcompiler_47.dll has been detected as Adware.ELEX

Md5: 5fab80d2a7eb3c5187a2ef75a985ebab
Size: 3 MB
First published: 2017-08-21 18:03:19 (2 months ago)
Latest published: 2017-08-21 18:03:19 (2 months ago)
Windows 10 100.0%
d3dcompiler_47.dll.del Clear
D3Dcompiler_47.dll Adware.ELEX (Heuristic)
d3dcompiler_47.dll Adware.ELEX
cfc39f97ff3b32d4e9da845fd46035ec PUP.Browser
d3dcompiler_47.dll Adware.ELEX
d3dcompiler_47.dll Clear
d3dcompiler_47.dll Adware.ELEX
d3dcompiler_47.dll PUP.Tencent
d3dcompiler_47.dll PUP.Gen
d3dcompiler_47.dll Adware.ELEX
29d9b53.rbf PUP.MailRu
d3dcompiler_47.dll Adware.ELEX
d3dcompiler_47.dll Adware.DNSKeep (Heuristic)
d3dcompiler_47.dll PUP.Baidu
d3dcompiler_47.dll Adware.ELEX
Signed by: Mengmeng Wang
Subsystem: WINDOWS_CUI
PE type: pe
OS bitnes: 32
Compilation timestamp: None
Image Base: 0x10000000
Entry address: 0x002b3610

PE sections:

Name Size of data Md5
.text 3537920 634b3a6639706016247c87a412cfc5f9
.data 25600 e61271d712ce9456ef247fd6789feacf
.idata 4608 6ecfaafbd128c0d684c1ae3df828655b
.rsrc 1536 5e6e67a014b520bfe075435d0de15f5a
.reloc 122880 cdca096c92107d6c978a56f637f0e0b0

More information:

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