How to remove cad-view-plugin-for-total-commander-keygen.exe

cad-view-plugin-for-total-commander-keygen.exe Removal: How to Get Rid of cad-view-plugin-for-total-commander-keygen.exe69457a755d6e987056d5340cb5fbbeb4


The module cad-view-plugin-for-total-commander-keygen.exe has been detected as Adware.Amonetize

MD5: 69457a755d6e987056d5340cb5fbbeb4
Size: 3 MB
First Published: 2017-05-24 11:09:43 (5 years ago)
Latest Published: 2017-08-24 11:03:10 (4 years ago)
Status: Adware.Amonetize (on last analysis)
Analysis Date: 2017-08-24 11:03:10 (4 years ago)
Signed By: LLC "AZ SOFT"
Status: Valid
Windows XP 100.0%
Subsystem: Windows CUI
PE Type: pe
OS Bitness: 32
Image Base: 0x00400000
Entry Address: 0x000997f0

PE Sections:

Name Size of data MD5
.text 874496 268457048e5ffffacf0304ae350ca07d
.rdata 19968 e97ce26f61ea854e1405d9e0e0287d61
.data 942592 eb0efd984dcd16ded0abfa63199f61c0
.tls 2048 c99a74c555371a433d121f551d6c6398
.wha 1449472 c66bd42f1104c95aac58c32670819364
.rg4xd 684032 e214cf2ca1e548b5cc57f6ed6eeff249
.rsrc 165888 da56ddf6c4b3477d10bcbc8565e819ec

More information:

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