How to remove Flash_tool.dll

Flash_tool.dll Removal: How to Get Rid of Flash_tool.dllfc0c305604860a846bf1bb04f421c724


The module Flash_tool.dll has been detected as Worm.Ramnit

MD5: fc0c305604860a846bf1bb04f421c724
Size: 2 MB
First Published: 2017-05-24 14:04:14 (5 years ago)
Latest Published: 2017-05-24 15:05:38 (5 years ago)
Status: Worm.Ramnit (on last analysis)
Analysis Date: 2017-05-24 15:05:38 (5 years ago)
%desktop%\merpai\merapi tool_1.4.7_20160313
Windows 7 100.0%
Subsystem: Windows GUI
PE Type: pe
OS Bitness: 32
Image Base: 0x00400000
Entry Address: 0x006d6000

PE Sections:

Name Size of data MD5
.text 1310208 d95eca6b7aa81dbcf82c9e2c5f8a92b6
.data 1495040 79de6390bed459d7dbf9a0b895340798
.tls 512 bf619eac0cdf3f68d496ea9344137e8b
.idata 11264 dc202dca368467740892a132e26f74f9
.edata 1536 5403a7b9f26ee46125d91f78d885f205
.rsrc 25600 686ad7aaeba5e807abb02308e1d04bf6
.reloc 63488 9a68695d848cb5c26c7381f303da6996
.text 139264 f24df5435b10d21b8c9565147564ef2a

More information:

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